Enable Business Growth
With A Clear IT Strategy

Save Time
Save Money
Save Resources
  • Is not having a clear IT strategy causing wasteful spending?
  • Is lack of accurate data leading to poor decision making?
  • Does your team spend less time operating efficiently and more time putting out fires?​

Optimize Your People, Process & Technology

Make Better
Get accurate data to assess your situation and invest wisely.
Implement Change
Gain a competitive edge by adopting innovative technology.
Achieve Greater
Enhance team communication and IT alignment with new processes and procedures.

IT Consulting Services

Digital Strategy & Transformation
  • Invest in the right people, process, and technology​
  • ​Create efficiencies​
  • Stabilize operations​
Technology Business Management (TBM)
  • Optimize IT costs​
  • ​Focus on initiatives that drive profitable growth​
  • Properly monitor and adjust technology spending​
Project Management
  • Successfully implement change​​
  • Execute your strategy within scope, quality, time and budget​​
  • Flexible implementation such as waterfall and agile methodology​
Cyber Security & Risk Management
  • Ensure compliance and gain a competitive advantage​​
  • Reduce operational, financial, environmental and reputational risk​​
  • Ongoing threat intelligence and management​
New IT implementations can feel overwhelming which is
why our consultants work alongside you...
Ensuring your organization adopts the best strategy and
implements change successfully.

Happy Clients

EW Consulting proved to be a trusted business partner during our TBM engagement by meeting us exactly where we were at as a customer. Not only did they help us implement Apptio solutions with rapid time to value, but they also worked with us to understand our pain points and recommend solutions that helped get our TBM Office operational, while establishing a roadmap for future enhancements. We knew we had tremendous ROI, when we were able to quickly deliver cost take-outs to our business, shifting 4% in discretionary funding to fuel business innovation initiatives during year one.​​
Curtis Cutler, Manager of IT Finance at CAS

Happy Clients

EW Consulting was a critical key to the success of the Aflac TBM program. When we engaged with EW Consulting, we were facing challenges aligning our technology spend to business services. With the help of the EW team, we were able to refine our strategy, take novel approaches to understanding and mapping our spend, and ultimately achieved our goal of mapping 95% of our US technology spend to business services. I’d highly recommend EW Consulting to any company desiring more transparency in their technology spend. They are a great TBM/ITFM partner with a sound, pragmatic approach.​
Wesley Eugene, Head of Technology Business Management (TBM) and IT Services

Meet Your Lead Strategist

Many business leaders who embark on a TBM journey have one huge fear in common. They worry about investing a large amount of money and time into software and processes that never fully satisfy their company's needs. This is a legitimate concern. But it is one that quickly evaporates when they meet Royce Willis and his team at EW Consulting.

Roadmap To IT Alignment

We conduct an assessment to determine the right people, process and technology you’ll need to meet your goals.
We manage the implementation of your new IT strategy.
​We’ll support any outsourced technology initiatives and keep operational procedures up to date.

Software Partners

Stop Wasting Time & Money On The Wrong Initiatives.​ Accelerate Decision Making & Achieve Better IT Results.

There’s a lot of pressure to gain a competitive edge by adopting innovative technology. That pressure often causes leaders to rush into IT initiatives with a poor strategy. We make sure you invest in the right resources to achieve better results for your company.